JT is a case study in belief. Hooked by age eight to competitive sports, JT fell in love with that feeling of working within a team to accomplish goals—especially those that seem unattainable. As a teen he discovered the weight room and strength training. Although he has the heart of a lion, JT’s body was constantly tested during competitive sports, as he endured seven surgeries during his time as a high school and college athlete.

From these experiences JT knows the blessing of living a healthy life and having a physically fit body. He’s turned his infectious dedication towards making an impact in people’s lives everyday, helping teens and adults stay healthy through a focused yet holistic lifestyle. Partnership and interaction is at the heart of JT’s success, working alongside his brother Jake to deliver the best workouts and encouraging the Studio Thirty community to reach for their goals together. “I want you to feel your best!”

JT Peterson
Jake Peterson


Team sports developed Jake’s discipline, sense of sportsmanship and leadership skills. But sports injuries forced him to truly expand his mind and body consciousness through physical therapy, yoga and other holistic styles of exercise and movements. He discovered his passion for health, nutrition and the mind-body connection, and teaching all he knows to others who may have similar stories of injury and disappointment. Jake credits his knowledge to the holistic teachings of Bauman College, years of physical therapy, and an insatiable thirst to understand how the body and mind intersect.

For clients who are rehabilitating from injury—or simply trying to transform their bodies—Jake stresses the importance of consistency: consistent patience as the body heals and changes form, consistent exercise 5-7 day per week, and most importantly consistent raw and healthy nutrition. He is a true mentor for anyone interested in changing their life and overcoming obstacles to discover their destiny.