Studio Thirty: Six Days of Transformation in 2020

Studio Thirty Six Days of Transformation in 2020

Day 1 – Who you are

2020 was set to be a great year.

We finally achieved our goal of our own location in Mill Valley, two doors down from where were had been subleasing since September 2014. We were super excited to share our new location with our clients and everyone in our community for workouts day and night. Our doors opened in February 2020 and the excitement was amazing! We felt everyone’s joy and happiness in our community now that we had our home location.

Then the Covid shelter in place happened. And in March we had to close our doors, just like every brick and mortar business in the Bay Area. We knew this was a huge shock to our clients and having to stop workouts was not an option we ever considered. Instantly as a team, we pivoted and two days later moved to Zoom workouts every day at 8 am for everyone in our community to work out. Since then we’ve been hosting workouts six days a week until August of this year when we started outdoor classes in our parking lot as well.

We learned a whole lot over these past six months. Proper sequencing and the right formula for our online workouts, time, tempo, exercises in proper sequence, how to keep our clients/audience engaged during every Zoom workout. We are super excited because we get to workout with everybody at the same time, and this has allowed us to bond with our clients even more. And equally grateful for this challenging experience because it allowed us to perfect Cardio Strength Training in our group format. Although Covid-19 shut our in-person doors down it didn’t stop us from our commitment to our clients and community. We want to be there for our community in every way that we can and this has allowed us to do more of that. Not only are we able to now open up outdoor workouts a few days a week, we now have our Zoom classes scheduled weekly which has allowed our business to grow and help more people across our country. Comparing this time of transition on how we serve our community has been like a long workout, but teamwork and our community have been committed to growth and positivity which has allowed us to expand and help more family and friends.

Day 2 – What you do

Share what you’re excited about:

We realized over the past 16 years of training that people need our help with working out, staying motivated working towards their goals, and then reaching them. Exercises are something we gravitated towards as young athletes and playing basketball at the Boys and Girls Club in South San Francisco starting at the age of four.

As brothers, we had family members that were overweight and struggled with depression or lower energy. Even at a young age, we knew that we all deserve to feel healthy, confident, and strong. Our mother struggled with her weight and energy level greatly while we were in junior high school and early on in high school. We felt responsible to help our family change their energy. This motivated us to learn how to help our mom feel better, become healthier, and get her confidence to skyrocket. Plus, nobody wants to see the people you love not feel good.

Starting around the age of 13, we valued weight training because we knew this was the key to get ourselves physically strong for high school sports. We realized it would also help our family do the same for their lives. In addition, we didn’t want to see anyone feel depressed, or forced to eat the wrong foods because of our lack of knowledge and understanding.

We were not immune to hardship ourselves. Between my brother and I, we have worked through seven surgeries and injuries. But the way we see it, these injuries allowed us to expand our knowledge with health and fitness because we had the focus on learning stability and balance because of rehab and physical therapy. We are grateful for all the injuries because it not only showed us we can push through challenging times, but also there is a blessing to help others on the other side.

Since 2003, we have focused on living a healthy lifestyle because we believed this was going to help us reach our dream of becoming professional athletes as well as help our mother and other family members to become healthier and stronger every day! Our mom is motivated more than ever to be in shape and stay that way especially, she says, as she watches us help so many of our clients reach their goals. This experience has paved the way for us to open up our business in 2020 and beyond, and has shown us a way to help more people than we have imagined with Cardio Strength Training and Studio Thirty.

Teamwork is our key.

Day 3 – How you do it

Our formula for every workout is 30 minutes of all-out max effort of Cardio Strength Training. We came up with our name Studio Thirty because we identified what we do in every workout since we started in the fitness industry in 2013. The base for every Cardio Strength Training workout is a 5-10 minute warm-up, 30-minute all-out effort workout, and a 5-10 minute cool-down stretch to prevent injury and maximize your results. Every workout will last between 30-45 minutes, with our goal of making every workout 30 minutes.

In 2013 while working for a fitness club in the peninsula of the Bay Area, our manager asked us to host a workout class on Saturday mornings and during the weekdays. We both were personal training at the time and had only serviced one-on-one personal training clients for over a year, but Jake would host a spin class that was popular every Wednesday evening that members of the club loved. So we embraced the opportunity and said “let’s do it!” We put at the front of the club check-in desk a huge sign that read: “We have a group workout being held on the main floor of the gym Saturday at 9 am.” It was a huge hit and we loved every minute of it, mainly because people were having a kick-ass workout and burning 300 calories or more. This group class was so popular, we had to open more times during the week. Jake and I were training/coaching together just like we used to as co-teammates and athletes.

We learned Cardio Strength Training during this time of working in our club and training 20 people or more in each workout. Months later, once we stopped working for our club and opened our own business, we knew we wanted to help more people at once. And we knew CST group training was our way to because we saw the results our clients and ourselves were receiving from it.

Once we opened our business, we wanted our group clients to feel our personal custom touch. In 2014 group training was popular but not like how it is today. When we opened in September 2014 we sat down with everyone who signed up asking them their fitness goal and how we can help them reach it. We brought what was learned from personal training to our group workouts. We never wanted our clients to feel frustrated or confused about health and fitness because we know how distracted, upset, or frustrated our family members would get not knowing how to achieve a healthier path. We made it a point to help the best way we can, with custom nutrition plans, two trainers every workout, and a weekly check-in. Now we’re able to deliver our CST workouts not only to our clients locally but also to our community across our country since COVID-19. Let’s stay in shape and get to our goals together.

Day 4 – How you learned it

All the emotions of feeling excited, happy, and joyful because we have our beautiful studio to share with our community quickly pivoted and turned into direct focus on how we are going to stay afloat because of COVID-19. We finally had our Cardio Strength Training systems down with our group workouts, but taking our classes away from in-person training left us with our backs against the wall. We had to create our new framework fast so we could keep our community staying healthy during this extremely stressful time. Clients were not only upset they couldn’t work out in person but their lives had been turned upside down with homeschooling their children, little to no social interaction, and a whole list of other issues to deal with. We felt responsible to help instantly, there were no breaks for us, we let our community know we got you guys. We knew we needed to deliver our Cardio Strength Training workouts in a convenient and efficient way. If our clients couldn’t make a workout, then our community can follow the recoding of our Zoom workouts on our website. That way everyone could exercise at their convenience. COVID was the way we learned how to serve our community online.

Connection is one of our core values and everything in the world is connected to the people we meet and train to the systems of our body. Mind = body = soul. We focus on positivity and connecting everyone in our community. Every workout is together and teamwork is how we reach our fitness goals. We pivot together and make changes in our lives to become healthier and stronger.

Day 5 – Who do you do it for?

We want to share with you a couple of testimonials from our clients to help inspire you to achieve your desired health and fitness results. Robin came to our training program after having her third child, wanting to gain her energy, body, and strength back. We were super pumped Robin showed up in our studio. Robin had a clear goal: to get her pre-baby body back. Robin started taking our classes every day and we were able to sit down with her and customize her nutrient program that switched up every few months to give her maximum results. She lost a total of 20 pounds and went from 28% body fat to 19-20%, she gained her power, and got control of her body with our Cardio Strength Training workouts. She now goes on vacation in a bathing suit and feels even more confident with her body and has maintained her results with us over the years.

Jenn is a client that signed up with us once we transitioned to online zoom workouts. Jean trains with us three times a week on Zoom and has access to our online membership. She lost over 20 pounds and dress sizes, gained strength and she now feels more power.

Ashley is one of our clients who wanted to get in shape for her wedding day, and her goal was to lose 10 pounds and unwanted body fat. Ashley lost her weight and got to 21% body fat while in her 40’s. Another client of ours named Vick lost more than 60 pounds with our program. He transformed his body and life by taking control of his workouts and mindset.

Teamwork and accountability and trust in our training program allow our clients to feel their power, help them lose unwanted body fat, and find their strength. Our goal is to continue to provide you with workouts that will deliver long-lasting results and help you build balance, stability, strength, and lose unwanted body fat. We always ask our clients to share with us a clear fitness goal. Maybe your goal is to lose 10 pounds or have more endurance for your day, or to just workout three days a week. Whatever your goal is, the key is to know it and commit to your fitness programs. We will help you reach your fitness goal just like the other stories we’ve shared. Let’s do this!

Day 6 – How can you do it for them?

Your mission future based cause:

Details about how your serve your people :

What you’ve created each step:

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