As a busy mum of 2 young kids and with an FT job, I need maximum ROI on my workouts. I discovered this with Studio 30 5 years ago and have been going 3 times a week ever since! Every single class I go to is a great class – different exercises each time, great energy from the instructors, I feel motivated to push myself, I feel stronger each time and it’s over before you know it! The result? I am in better shape at 40 than I was in my 20’s and 30’s! Highly recommend.


In so many positive ways! Shortly after joining the Studio Thirty family, I broke my ankle. Once I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I hobbled back into the Studio hoping to be told it would all be OK. Jake and JT barely flinched, there was never a question that they could help me through the next several months of healing. The strengthening and conditioning program they tailored for me was paramount to my physical recovery. And their steadfast support and encouragement, never questioning my strength or my ability to emerge stronger, was instrumental to my mental health. As a former collegiate athlete, staying active, healthy and a part of something bigger than myself have remained important personal goals. And while over the years, I have (thankfully) been able to remain physically active, it was not until meeting Jake and JT and joining the Studio Thirty family, that I truly felt a part of a team again. Their gentle approach to pushing me to be the best version of myself, their unique ability to hold me accountable without making me feel guilty, and their genuine care and concern for their clients’ lives – both in and out of the studio – have provided for me a place where I always feel welcome, challenged and accomplished. I am forever grateful to Jake and JT and will plan to be a part of their “family” as long as they will have me!

Jake and JT have physically pushed me in ways I did not know were possible. Running and endurance had for so many years dominated my physical activity and I had not spent much time considering (or pursuing) a consistent strength training program. I joke that as I age I will continue to fight the fight against Mother Nature. And low and behold, enter Jake and JT, my secret weapons! Since I began working with them, I have not only grown stronger, improving both my physical activity and capabilities, but I also – without question – feel better and healthier than I ever have. I am incredibly thankful for their expertise, their genuine, affable approach and last but not least, their friendship. Thank you Jake, JT and Studio Thirty!


Who is S30?

We are the nations premier cardio-strength training studio that is powered by simplicity, creativity and the community around us. Studio Thirty began with the idea of providing athletic based fitness training in a simple, safe, fun, and effective way. This system was created to reduce the probability of injury as well as the time between your starting point and your goals. The S30 experience allows the mind to escape and for the body to take over. This provides an amazing workout experience to anyone looking to improve their personal performance.

The goal of every Studio Thirty cardio-strength training class is to motivate, challenge and deliver results in a fun, supportive environment. We believe in a functional approach to fitness. We give clients the tools needed to adapt to physical day to day tasks by improving strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, and agility.

What is CST?

Its athletic style conditioning for any body. CST stands for Cardio Strength Training. This type of training is embraced by many athletes because of incredible results — strength, agility and stamina — in the shortest time period.

The core philosophy is a mixture of CST (Cardio Strength Training) infused with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Each workout begins with a dynamic warmup, followed by a 30 minute workout consisting of 3 rounds. The workout closes with a 5 minute cool down. The workout session is 45 minutes with emphasis on the core 30 minutes.

No heavy machinery, no big egos, no complicated workouts, no excuses. Imagine a workout experience that is based on the core elements of effectiveness, that produce the health and fitness results you’re looking for — stamina ,agility and strength.

What to expect in a S30 session?

Get the customized care of a personal trainer in a supportive, group atmosphere. Collaboration meets personalization. Your are the only equipment you’ll need. We focus on the basics — Your drive (and bodyweight), the positive energy of the class and the coaches expertise. Our program design is science and art. Our coaches tap their imagination and years of experience to give you fresh, new, inspired workouts daily. We believe pairing you up, pumps you up. Having a partner during workouts is one of the cornerstones of our classes. Lots of cheering, lots of high-fiving, lots of results.

Release your inner athlete, the heart and mind of athletic performance

World class athletes develop processes and habits that produce world class results. World class athletes choose growth and growth begins with responsibility, commitment, focus, and an eagerness to learn. The heart of an athlete is determined, strong, as well as compassionate and nurturing. The mind of an athlete is constantly seeking growth, resilience, focus, and the obtainment of a goal. Studio Thirty provides the team atmosphere and community camaraderie that is critical for the development of your inner athlete. Through our support and your commitment the heart and mind required for your goals will be obtained.

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We focus on the basics — no heavy machinery, egos, or excuses. Your drive (and body weight), the positive energy of the class, and the coaches’ expertise are all you need to succeed.